About Us

At Crazy Butcher we specialize in finding an assortment of unique, practical and fun items such as knives, cleavers, chopping boards, gifts revolving around food and butcher themes. Most products are designed for use in the home kitchen or commercial restaurants. We spend hours scouring the world in search of these items. Some of these products are from specialty manufactures and others are HAND CRAFTED one-off limited addition items. At times we carry just a handful of products and other times we carry many products until sold out so be sure to check back frequently for updates and new products.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member or one for yourself you will find it here.

Because of the uniqueness of some of our products there can be delivery times that take longer than usual. Please take note of the expected delivery time-frame for each item and plan accordingly.

Again, thank you for visiting Crazy Butcher and we trust you will have a wonderful shopping experience.